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If you are interested to have a Business Directory like this in your country, just email  or contact us.

We’ll do everything for you, including registering the domain name, develop the site and do the hosting for you.

Two options are available for our Partners.

1st option : We’ll do everything for you and you pay us one time cost and the sites becomes yours for All. Only you will be required to pay us hosting fee if you want us to host the site for you.

2nd Option: We’ll do everything for you, including registering the domain name, develop the site and do the hosting. As a partner you will be trained on how to control the site, do the marketing in your respective country or region,, get clients, customers and the earnings  are split 50%  to each party.Most preferred by customers. You can even own the site for all as 1st option above with no split of the earning but the price will be negotiable basing on the sites performance.

By the way, do you have Any Idea on Directory Listing Website?

Do you want to earn money from Business Listing Websites? Come to us and within weeks we’ll have the site up and running after paying few thousands of Dollars. We can easily setup a Word Press directory listing website and you can start online earnings. Just let us know

Here are some questions that would cross your mind when you listen to the word “Directory Listing Website”:

What is Directory Listing Website?

Business Directory Websites like this one are places on the internet where different businesses can add themselves in listing and can advertise and promote their business.

Your website contains useful information for visitors about quality, features, pricing of products and services from various business owners that customers need to know.

How you can earn from if you have a site like this one?

Customers pays you. You can charge for listings in your website and your customers would be happy to pay. From this site under “Post Your Business for only $75 per Year” button, you can see how much a customer will pay for one year. What if you have just one thousand Customers, How much are you going to earn each year?

How much can you earn per customer?

Depending upon your niche selection and type of customers, you can get a good amount per listing.

The main factor behind your charges is “How well you rank on Google and if it can generate leads for your customers”.

If you have a ranking local site then you can get even $1,000 per month from one customer.

Suppose you have 500 customers and they pay you only $100 per month, it means you get $50,000 per month from your single website alone.

Well, that’s not the only way you can monetize your directory listings, there are many more such as these mentioned below:

Through Google Ads and other Ad Sources: Running advertisements on your directory site will be great to earn direct revenue. You can easily get good number of clicks on your ads by placing ads relevant to your website content. Such as if you have created a listing of two-wheeler brands, placing ads-banners of vehicles will definitely get more clicks to your ads.

Barter Ranking Positions in your listings: Offer higher rankings to those advertisers who pay you better. You can also decide which listing entries are to be featured on top of your website to give more visibility and which entries are to be given low priority.

So, if any advertiser wants more visibility, he will pay the cost and you can put him on top the listing in a particular category. This way you can arrange all the listings based on the prices various advertisers are ready to pay.

Advantages of directory listing website

Apart from money, directory listing website has another advantage that it has same clone page for every listing.

You do not need to develop each individual page from scratch.

Amazingly it is easy to add listings and manage the whole website through a simple dashboard.

Are you interested to have a Website like this one and start generating thousands of dollars per month? Please contact us today.